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The following photographs of Sholes School were taken with a digital camera on a partly-cloudy day in August, 1998.  Each of the images below link to a larger version of the same photo; please select the photos you wish to view.
Image 1
This sign appears directly above the door to Sholes School.
Image 2
Full view of the front of the building.  You are looking towards the east.
Image 3
Cupola housing the school bell.
Image 4
South wall of the building.  You are looking towards the northeast.
Image 5
North wall of the building.  You are looking towards the southeast.
Image 6
South wall of the building.  You are looking towards the northwest.
Image 7
South wall of the building.  Similar to the previous picture.
Image 8
View of one of the two outhouses.  The outhouses are located just beyond the east (rear) wall of the school building. 
Image 9
View of the other outhouse.  The school building is visible behind the outhouse.  You are looking towards the west.
Image 10
View of the inside of one of the outhouses.  Although it is not visible in this picture, this outhouse has two "commodes" inside, a rarity for the day.
Image 11
A water pump located just to the north of the building.
Image 12
The front door to the school building.  Time to move inside...
Image 13
This is a water cooler located just inside the front door.  Just to the right of the cooler is the rope which is used to ring the bell outside.
Image 14
The small room between the front door and the classroom area is the cloakroom.  There are hooks on the wall for the students' coats. 
Image 15
This is the main classroom area, as seen from the south entranceway.  The teacher's desk is on the left.  Notice the McGuffey Readers on the desk.
Image 16
The flag of the United States of America, located above the entryway.
Image 17
A view from the back of the room.  Notice that there are desks of many different sizes.  Since students of many ages attended Sholes School, desks of various sizes were required.
Image 18
Another view from the back of the room.
Image 19
The bookcase in the back of the room.
Image 20
This stove was used to heat the entire building.
If you have any other photos of the school building or the surrounding area (i.e. LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve), please contact the webmaster.

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