A Few Tips for the Teacher and Accompanying Adults
  1. The light switch is hidden in the exterior doorjamb inside the cloakroom. Use the lights only if it is too dark to see without them.
  2. The thermostat is hidden behind the north door to the classroom. Adjust it for comfort, then return it to a lower setting before leaving the building.
  3. Also behind the north door to the classroom are the first-aid kit, paper towels, broom and dust pan.
  4. The fire extinguisher is behind the south door to the classroom.
  5. An adult may open the windows and install the screens. Be sure to close and re-lock the windows before leaving.
  6. Be very careful with the doors to the bookshelves. Only an adult should open or close them.
  7. The wood-burning stove is non-operational. Do not attempt to build a fire in it under any circumstances!
  8. All outdoor play must be supervised. Keep children inside the fenced area, but off of the fence, rocks, cellar doors, etc.
  9. Should you and the children leave the building grounds for part of the day, lock the door and take the key with you.
  10. Dial 911 on your cell phone in case of emergency.
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