Rules for Children at Pioneer Sholes School
  1. The general rules of the visiting school are in effect as always.
  2. Children enter the school when the teacher gives permission, not before.
  3. Coats and hats belong on the hooks in the cloakroom.
  4. Lunches may be placed on the shelves or the floor of the cloakroom as space permits. Do not remove the antique lunch pails from the shelves.
  5. Children should not bring backpacks to Pioneer Sholes School.
  6. Only the teacher or docent may ring the bell.
  7. No gum is permitted inside the building.
  8. The facsimile textbooks are for reading only. Written work must be done on the slate with slate pencil or in the copybook.
  9. After using the privy, dispose of toilet paper in the pit. Clean hands with the baby wipes provided by the teacher inside the school. Dispose of baby wipes in the trash, not in the privy.
  10. Please leave the building as clean or cleaner than you found it.
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