What to Bring to Pioneer Sholes School

For an all day teacher-led trip each participant should bring:
  1. Out door clothing appropriate for the weather. (Period costumes are optional.)
  2. A sack lunch with foods appropriate for the date represented.
  3. A bottle of drinking water to be consumed with lunch. (No milk!)
  4. A pencil. (No ballpoint pens or markers!)
  5. The copybook or notebook paper.
Each visiting teacher should also bring:
  1. Additional drinking water (one or two gallons) and paper cups.
  2. Baby wipes for cleaning hands.
  3. Garbage bags for trash removal.
  4. A cell phone for use in case of emergency.
  5. Lesson plans, etc. (Craft supplies and playground equipment are optional.)
Pioneer Sholes School and LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve Provide:
  1. Use of the school grounds, building, and privies.
  2. Facsimile textbooks, slates and slate pencils.
  3. Appropriate seating for twenty-four children and three adults.
  4. Toilet paper for the privies.
  5. A fire extinguisher.
  6. A fist aid kit
  7. Broom & dustpan.
  8. Free Pioneer Sholes School buttons for all visiting children.
  9. Brochures and other free literature for distribution as the teacher sees fit.
  10. A guest book for all visitors to sign.
Note Well:

There is no snow removal service in the winter. Plan accordingly!

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