Pioneer Sholes School

Brief History & Information

The following are questions that could be asked by students for their teacher or that could be asked by a teacher for students.

Outside view of the front door of Sholes School.1.)  About when was Sholes School built? 2.)  Why are there large windows only on the south side of the building? 3.)  Why was it a good idea to have the strongest light directed over the left shoulders of the students? 4.)  Who was Martha Campbell? Stone Crock5.)  Besides the picture and the bell, can you name any other things found in the entry hall or vestibule?  Can you think of how some of them might have been used? 6.)  Whose pictures are on the walls?  Why are these two Presidents so honored?  In what other ways do we honor them? 7.)  Do you see any maps? View of empty desks, iron stove, and bookcase.8.)  Why are there desks in so many sizes? 9.)  Why do some of the desks have holes in the right hand corner? 10.)  Why donít some of the smaller desks have holes? 11.)  For what did pupils use slates and slate pencils? Image of the Black Iron Stove.12.)  Who wrote the Readers that are in the Sholes School collection? 13.)  How was Sholes School heated?
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